We understand that everyone's hiring process is different. It sometimes varies in the same company depending on the role. Because of this, we want you to have full control of what your hiring pipeline looks like in Toggl Hire.

Default pipeline

When a job is created, a standard hiring pipeline will default with the following steps:

  • Skills Test - the initial test that your candidates will complete

  • Video Intro - a video test to gain better insight into the person

  • Home Assignment - a test to dive deeper into candidates' knowledge

  • Interview - no test; a placeholder step to keep candidates organized

  • Offer - no test; a placeholder step to keep candidates organized

Add or remove a pipeline step

If a step is not needed, you can delete it or rename it to suit your internal hiring pipeline by clicking on the menu dots for the step. Additionally, you can add your own steps by clicking on "Add Step" on the far right of the pipeline.

Each step in your pipeline can have a test attached to it or simply be used as a placeholder to keep your candidates organized. Though you are able to create many steps in your pipeline, you can only have a total of 5 tests (Business plan users are unlimited).

You can drag and drop the pipeline steps to match the order of your hiring process.

Adding a test to your pipeline

To add a test to a pipeline step, click on “Create Test” under the step name. Choose a ready-made test from our test library or create a custom test.

Modifying tests

Once a test is added to a step, you can modify it by clicking on the test under the step name. Here you will be able to review its content, make changes, and update settings for this particular test.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to our support via chat or email.

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