Homework Assignments are a great way to help you better understand candidates' knowledge of a skill.

To set up Homework Assignments:

Click on the job that you would like to create a Homework Assignment for β†’ This will open your hiring pipeline β†’ In the "Home Assignment" step, click on "Create Test."

If you don't already have a Homework step in your pipeline, click on "Add Step" at the far right of your pipeline and name your Homework test. On the newly created step, click on "Create Test."

Choose the "Homework" test type and select up to 3 skills or create your own custom test.

Note: a skill can only be selected once. If you'd like to have multiple questions on the same skill, select it once here and in the test questions setting, you'd be able to add another one.

To view the test that was generated, click on the test in the Home Assignment step.

Homework Assignment settings

1. Test settings

Allows you to update the title for the Homework Assignment and time limit. Each question allows 60 minutes to be answered.

2. Test questions

Allows you to add, edit, delete, or regenerate questions. Adding a question will allow you to select from the skills library or create your own custom question.

*If the question requires that the candidate includes an attachment, edit the question and change the attachment setting to mandatory.

3. Landing page

All candidates will see this page when they click on the test link. Review and edit as necessary.

4. End screen

All candidates will see this page upon completion of the test. Review and edit as necessary.

Now it's time to invite candidates to complete their homework assignments and review their responses as they roll in.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support via chat or email.

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