Set up automations to move candidates to the next step and send reminders to take a test

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You can set up the following automations when managing the candidates in your pipeline.

Move candidates to the next step if they pass a certain threshold

You can set this automation up in the Test Settings by selecting a threshold above which you would like candidates to receive an invite to the next step. You can also customise the email template used to invite candidates. Find more on managing email templates here.

What will happen next? If there is a test in the next step of your pipeline, the candidates will be invited to take it. If not, then they will just be moved to the next step. See more on managing your hiring pipeline here.

Send reminders to candidates who haven’t taken the test yet

If a candidate you've invited to take a test does not complete it in a certain number of days, you can schedule an automatic reminder. This feature is available in the Test Settings.

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