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View and manage candidates
View and manage candidates

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How to review candidates in Toggl Hire

From your dashboard, click on the job that you want to see candidates for. You will be taken directly to the Candidate Pipeline which gives you a Kanban board view of your hiring process steps. Here you'll see all candidates who have taken your test and in which step of your hiring pipeline they are in allowing you to easily manage them by dragging and dropping them to different steps or in bulk.

Each candidate's card will show you:

  • Candidate name or email

  • Score or current state

  • Date completed or action button

  • Any tags

  • Star ratings

  • If there are any notes

  • Yellow flag if anti-cheating tracking is active and suspicious behavior is detected

*If the candidate is invited from Toggl Hire but the test is not yet completed, you will see the email where the invitation was sent in lieu of the name. Additionally, if the test is not yet completed, in lieu of the score you will see the current state of the test, and depending on the state, you may see an action button below it.

Filtering the candidates in the pipeline

If you're looking for a particular candidate, you can search for them by name or email. Or you can filter across your entire hiring pipeline by:

  • Score

  • A specific tag(s)

  • Number of star rating(s)

  • Candidates that have notes

  • First column only - typically, the first step in your pipeline is the initial assessment for the job posting making this step important for determining who will move on to the next steps. Checking this box and adding other filters, will only filter the first column/step in your pipeline. All other steps will not be filtered.

Viewing full test results and contact information

To dive deeper into the candidate and their test results, simply click on their candidate card to open their test. Here you will be able to:

  • View candidate contact info (hover over and click on the pencil icon to edit)

  • View test score (overall score and skill breakdown)

  • Invite to another test within the job (Next Stage)

  • Email

  • Reject

  • Download PDF (click on the menu dots beside the reject button)

  • Delete candidate (click on the menu dots beside the reject button)

  • Change the pipeline stage

  • Add/Change star rating

  • Add/Remove tags

  • View test results and evaluate free-text and coding question responses

  • Add/Edit notes

  • Add/View attachments

  • View candidate history

  • View test completion time

  • View suspicious flag reason

Have any further questions? Feel free to reach us to our support via chat or email.

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