How to review candidates in Toggl Hire

From your dashboard, click on the Job Title of the test you want to see candidates for. You will be taken straight to the Candidate View. You can also access the Pipeline View by toggling between 'List' and 'Pipeline' in the secondary menu bar in the top left.

In the List view, you can see detailed info on each candidate. Click on the candidate's name to go to the Candidate Profile, where you'll see:

  • Candidate contact information

  • LinkedIn/Github profile

  • Candidate’s test results

  • Video Intro responses

  • Candidate's history

  • Anti-cheating tracking

You can also view and add Tags and Notes about the candidate, pipeline stage, and directly email the candidate from this view.

You can also filter the list to segment it by:

  • Name

  • Test score

  • Candidate rating (given by you, the employer)

  • Application date

How to use Pipeline view

For efficient candidate management, you can set up your job's Pipeline. You can access the pipeline view via Candidates > Pipeline.

Pipeline gives you a Kanban board view on the stages of your hiring process which candidates are currently in and allows you to easily drag and drop a candidate to a different stage.

Pipeline columns are fully customisable — so you can add as many steps as needed to fit your own hiring process for specific job openings.

Have any further questions? Feel free to reach us to our support via char or email.

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