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Managing Email Templates
Managing Email Templates

How to create, edit, delete, and archive email templates.

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There’s nothing that candidates want more when applying for new career opportunities than knowledge of their application status. Communicating with candidates throughout their journey in your hiring process helps maintain a positive candidate experience; therefore, we wanted to make it easier to keep your candidates informed throughout the hiring process. Use our ready-made email templates or create your very own personalized templates.

Here's how:

Click on the gear icon on the left of the screen → Email Templates.

Here you'll see a list of your private templates and all public templates in your company, the owner of the template, the privacy level, and the type of template.

Creating an email template

Click on "Add template" → Name your template → Select the template type → Enter an email subject → Enter your email message → Save.

Template type use cases:

  1. Test invitation - used when inviting a candidate to complete a test

  2. Next stage invitation - used to invite candidates to another test in the same job

  3. Resend next stage invitation - used to resend a next stage invitation

  4. Video Intro invitation - used when inviting a candidate to complete a Video Intro

  5. Candidate rejection - used when rejecting a candidate

  6. Video Intro feedback - used when providing feedback for a Video Intro

  7. Resend Video Intro invitation - used when resending a Video Intro invitation

  8. Contact candidate - used to contact the candidate with a general email

Note: You will only see the email templates that relate to the action being completed with the exception of "Contact Candidate" in which then you will see all templates.

Adding personalized variables to your template

Save time by using personalization variables to autofill pertinent information in your email. We recommend not adding the candidate name variables to a test invitation type template as the candidate name is not yet registered in the system.

Pro tip: Adding a tag to the template will tag each candidate with the selected tag(s) each time the template is used. The Invited tag cannot be removed.

Once you click on "Save changes," you will be able to send yourself a test email that will appear in your email inbox and also select whether this template will be private (for your use only) or public (for everyone in your company to use). Templates will default to private.

Editing a template

Click on the template that you would like to modify, make your changes, and save.

System templates cannot be modified; however, you can duplicate them and then make changes to the copy that is created.

Archiving and deleting a template

To archive or delete a template, click on the template → click on the three menu dots → select your option.

❗ Deleting the template will remove it from the system. This action cannot be undone.

Archived templates can be seen at the bottom of the "Email Templates" setting page. Click on "Show" to view the templates. Archived templates cannot be unarchived; however, you can duplicate them to create another active copy.

Have any further questions? Feel free to reach out to support via chat or email.

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