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Rejecting candidates and rejection emails
Rejecting candidates and rejection emails

How to reject candidates and send rejection emails from Toggl Hire

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Rejecting candidates

When you decide you will not be moving forward with a specific candidate, you can reject them directly from the app.

Rejecting a candidate will:

1. Add a "Rejected" or "Reject with email" tag to the candidate that will function as a custom filter

2. Allow you to send a personalized rejection email to the candidate

Rejection emails

You can notify candidates they will not be moving forward in the hiring process by sending them a personalized email straight from the Toggl Hire app.

The email looks personalized and is sent from the user's email address. You have complete control of the content of the email and you'll be able to save rejection email templates inside your Toggl Hire account.

If you'd like to test it out first, you can take the test and later reject yourself to receive the email.

How do I send the rejection email?

1. Click on the "Reject" button on the candidate view

2. An email window will open up with the candidate's email prefilled and a standard message

3. You can modify the subject and body of the email.

4. If you have a previously saved template you'd like to use, you can choose it from the template dropdown at the bottom of the pop-up

6. Choose "Send and Reject" (click on the clock symbol to schedule the email) or "Skip email and Reject"

What will happen after I click on "Send and Reject"?

The candidate will receive the email. In Toggl Hire, we will add a tag "Rejected with Email" to the candidate and this will appear as a custom filter that you can later filter your candidates by.

When will the rejection email be sent?

You can send the rejection email at any stage of the hiring process. You can trigger it manually by choosing "Send and Reject" or clicking on the clock symbol will allow you to schedule it.

Can I reject a candidate but not send them a rejection email?

Yes. If you choose "Skip email & reject", the candidate won't get any notifications about their status being changed.

In Toggl Hire, the tag "Rejected" is still added to the candidate and this will appear as a custom filter.

Can I reject candidates in bulk?

Yes. To reject candidates in bulk, select the candidate that you would like to reject > click on the dropdown menu > select 'Reject'.

Can I undo "Reject"?

Yes, you can restore a candidate after you have rejected them. However, if you sent them a rejection email it's not possible to recall the email.

To restore a candidate:

1. Look up the candidate by filtering your candidate by the "Rejected" or "Rejected with Email" tag

2. Click on the 'Restore' icon

3. This will delete the "Rejected" tag

Have any further questions? Feel free to reach us to our support via chat or email.

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