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Inviting test-takers via email
Inviting test-takers via email

Invite candidates to your test within the app and view who is pending

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If you already have candidates in your pipeline and know their emails, you can send them the test directly through Toggl Hire. You can do this from your dashboard by clicking on the three menu dots for the test you'd like to share and then click on "Invite test takers" or from inside the test, by clicking on the "Invite Candidates" button.

Invite candidates via Email

Inviting candidates via email is easy. You can either enter the candidate's email addresses one by one or upload a list (CSV file) of candidate emails to the system for bulk emailing.

Candidates invited via email will receive a custom link to the test and are not able to log in through any social logins.

Bulk email

Upload a CSV file with all email addresses (up to 50 per file) of candidates you would like to send the test invitation to. Your CSV should contain one column with one valid email address per row. Do not include a title in the first row.

For example:

โ€‹Email template character limits

255 characters for subject, 10000 for the body.

Viewing the candidates that have been invited via Email

Once a candidate is invited to take the test via email, they will receive the tag 'Invited' which you can later filter by in your hiring pipeline.

If they are still pending completion, they will be shown in yellow and you will see a "Resend" button to resend them the test invitation email.

How long is the test link active for?

The test links sent with email invites are set to expire after 7 days. After this period is over, you can resend the invite.

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to our support via chat or email.

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