We recommend using video intros only for those candidates who have passed the first threshold for the skills test to give you a better insight into the person behind the test and their communication style.

There are several ways to invite a candidate to complete a Video Intro. Start by clicking on the job and locating the candidate that you would like to invite.

1. You can drag and drop the candidate to the Video Intro pipeline step. The candidate card will then show the state, "Not invited" and display an "Invite" button.

2. You can invite multiple candidates in bulk. Simply select the candidates that you would like to invite, click on the dropdown beside the number of selected candidates, and select, "Next stage." This will allow you to choose the Video Intro step and invite the candidates at once. They will then automatically be moved to the Video Intro step.

3. From within the candidate's test results, you can click on the "Next Stage" button. This will show you all available tests in your pipeline that haven't yet been completed by the candidate. Select the Video Intro test to invite them to this step.

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