Creating your test is the first and most important step towards screening candidates. And we have made the creation part quick and easy – with 100+ skills that are matched with 10700+ ready-made questions, provided by industry experts.

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What is a smart test?

Smart Test is dynamic skills test anyone can set up in just two clicks. All you need is the job role you're hiring for.

To create a Smart Test, go to Dashboard view and select 'More templates' to see the pre-made templates for smart tests.

1. Select your template

Use the search bar to search for the template you need or browse through all of the available templates by job role. The template card will show you the primary skills that candidates will be tested on for that template. To select the template, hover over the template and click on 'Create Test'.

*Don't see the template you need? Create a custom test by utilizing our skills question library, or create your own questions.

See all currently available templates here

2. Review the pre-determined skills and settings

When you select a job template; the number of questions, test time limit, skills being tested, and test difficulty will display. Review this information to determine if any changes are needed.

3. Generate test

Now generate your test by clicking the button in the bottom right-hand corner.

4. Congrats! You have now created a Smart Test.

If changes are needed

From the dashboard, click on the test and navigate to the test settings. From here you may update key settings such as: time limit, test difficulty level, number of auto-generated questions, percentage to pass, contact information, email notifications, and the primary (essential) and secondary (nice-to-have) skills. Additionally, you may add custom questions from the 'Test questions' tab.

If changes are not needed

Preview your test questions. As each candidate gets a unique set of questions, the preview shows you only one question per each skill you have selected. If you'd like to see the whole test with the number of questions you selected, you can take the test yourself.


Now that your test is ready, let's head to the Test Landing Page candidates see.

Have any further questions? Feel free to reach out to our support via chat or email.

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