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Anti-cheating tracking

Toggl Hire's preventative cheating measures and how to identify possible cheating

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Though we at Toggl Hire believe that the majority of candidates have no intention of cheating, we want to provide users with the ability to detect the possibility of cheating. This helps ensure that the best decision is being made when choosing to move a candidate along the pipeline and eliminates bias for both parties.

The anti-cheating measures must be turned on from within the test settings before you will be able to track these measures.

Toggl Hire is able to track the following anti-cheating measures:

  • Browser fingerprint - flags candidates who complete the test from the same browser

  • Copy detection - flags candidates who copy test questions

  • Paste detection - flags candidates who paste answers

  • Test completion time - flags candidates who complete a test in under 5 minutes

  • Email similarity - flags candidates who use similar emails

You can also choose to disable pasting answers to a free text question.

Note: we do not record or take snapshots of candidates while testing (proctor) as this can be biased and goes against our surveillance philosophy of protecting the privacy of others.

How will this be displayed?

When possible cheating activity is detected, the candidate will be tagged with a yellow flag.

To see why a candidate was flagged, click on their name and you will see the reason below the score breakdown.

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to our support via chat or email.

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