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Toggl Hire gives you access to a rapidly growing test library, created by leading experts and team leads. All questions submitted go through an extensive peer review. As thousands of candidates take these skills tests every week, we use built-in feedback as well as statistics and analytics to constantly monitor and improve the quality of the skills tests.

  • Questions created by our community of experts and team leads, hiring for these roles

  • All questions submitted need to pass peer review and are double-vetted

  • Built-in feedback to flag and replace questions that are underperforming

  • We use data and statistics from 2,000+ candidates per week taking the tests, constantly improving the overall quality

What kind of skills tests do you have?

One of the advantages of Toggl Hire skills tests is that you can mix and match different skills, customize questions, and add in custom questions.

  • 100+ different skills

  • 17,000+ questions

  • 5 main categories: technical, sales, marketing, customer support, and soft skills

  • Simple to use - create a test in 2 clicks

  • mix and match test library questions with custom questions

  • build custom tests

  • growing rapidly, 100+ new questions are added every month

Fraud prevention and leaked questions

We constantly monitor the performance of questions, using data from thousands of candidates each week. In addition, we give you access to question performance for every skill test you create so questions that are answered correctly by everyone are easily detected and can be removed or replaced with a simple click.
Each candidate goes through verification using LinkedIn, Github, Facebook, or a special email link that restricts them from being able to take the test only once. They will see their overall score but don’t have access to what questions were answered correctly or incorrectly.

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to our support via chat or email.

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