Upon completing a test, candidates will be presented with instant feedback — their test score, coupled with a customized message from you/your company.

You can edit the page in the test Settings > Test Result Page

Note: If you have set a percentage to pass in the test settings, you'll have 2 different screens - one for candidates who have passed the threshold, and one for candidates who didn't. This gives you the opportunity to boost your candidate experience by giving immediate feedback to both those who did and didn't do well on the test.

On the Test Results Page you can:

  • Edit the main message
    This is the message candidates will see when they see their results

  • Edit contact fields
    Check the contact fields you want your candidates to fill in after they submit the test

  • Ask for feedback on the test experience
    By enabling this feature you'll get an insight into the candidate experience.

  • Disable score chart (Premium feature)
    You can disable the score chart if you don't want to show candidates their score after they finish the test.

  • Allow candidates to upload attachments (Premium Feature)
    Enable candidates to add their resume / CV, cover letter, portfolio, or other file types after they complete your test. Read more about attachments.

  • Redirect URL
    Redirect candidates to a specific page after completing their test rather than seeing Toggl Hire's test results page

Next up:

Sharing your test link

Inviting candidates to take your test

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to our support via chat or email.

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