What is a Toggl Hire test?

Overview of the different elements and states of Toggl Hire test.

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A test in Toggl Hire is the specific position you are striving to to hire top candidates for.

For example, you can create a test to fill a Frontend Developer, Account Manager, or Digital Marketing Manager position with Toggl Hire

What elements are included within our test?

Toggl Hire test is made of the following key elements;

1. Settings

  • Test settings
    Your skills test's settings where you can change the job title, time limit, threshold and manage your email notifications.
    If you have created a Smart Test, you can also edit here your test difficulty level, selected skills and number of auto-generated questions.

  • Test questions
    Under test questions you'll see the preview of your skills test questions. You can also edit your test questions here.
    If you have created a Smart Test, then you'll be able to edit only static questions.

  • Landing page
    The landing page with customisable info & media for your test, and where candidates can apply for your job's test.

  • Test result page
    Your test's result page that candidates will see after they have submitted their test. This page will show their score*, message from you along with the contact fields they need to fill in.

    In case you have set a certain threshold to your test then there are two different versions of feedback which can be displayed - one message for those that met or surpassed the test score threshold, and a different message for those that didn't quite meet the bar.

    *Test scores are calculated automatically for all single / multi-choice questions. Answers for free text and code input questions require manual review.

  • Integrations
    With integrations, you can sync Toggl Hire with your ATS solution to keep consistency between the two, and also set-up Slack notifications for your test's performance.

2. Statistics

Statistics present an overall report on your test's performance.

  • Statistics
    In here you can identify—the average completion rate of your test, avg time to complete, avg score, which traffic sources bring the best candidates, and how are your questions performing.

  • Candidate Feedback
    This statistics gives you an overview of your candidate experience taking your test. You'll see whether they had good/bad experience, what they liked the most and written feedback to you.

3. Share test

  • Invite candidates to take the test
    Here you can invite candidates to take your test via email. We also support CSV upload if you want to email candidates in bulk.

  • Link
    Use this link in your hiring channels to let candidates take your test as a way to apply for your job.

4. Candidates

  • Candidates
    The Candidates view is where you can view all applicants that have applied to your test, along with their test results and contact information.

  • Pipeline
    With the Pipeline view you can manage the consecutive steps in your hiring process — via a customisable Kanban board of the steps needed to hire the top candidates.

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