Creating your test is the first and most important step towards screening candidates. And we have made the creation part quick and easy – with 55+ skills that are matched with 2,000+ ready-made questions, provided by industry experts.

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What is a smart test?

Smart Test is a dynamic skills test anyone can set up in just two clicks. All you need is the job role you're hiring for.

To create a Smart Test, go to Dashboard view and click on "Create a skills test". This will open up a test builder with an option to create a Smart Test.

1. Job title

First select the job title you are hiring for from the dropdown.

Current available roles: Java Developer, Backend Engineer,Backend Developer, Java Programmer, Javascript Developer, Frontend Developer, Product Manager, PHP Developer, Sales Representative, Digital Marketer, SEO&Content Specialist.

2. Review the auto-filled skills

When you select a job role, the primary (essential), secondary (nice-to-have), and open question skill sections will auto-populate with what the system thinks are the most relevant skills for the position. If you're happy with these, go to step 3.

Alternatively, you can edit the skill selection manually before proceeding.

3. Select test difficulty

Depending on your role seniority, pick the difficulty level.

Easy = junior or entry level

Medium = mid-level, managment

Hard = expert, specialist consultant

4. Generate test

Now generate your test by clicking the button in the bottom right hand corner.

Note! All the skills can be changed afterwards under Settings → Test questions

Now that your test is ready, let's head to the Test Landing Page candidates see.

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