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AI detection and auto-grading
AI detection and auto-grading

Detect whether candidates used AI for their responses to free text and coding questions and use AI to help evaluate them.

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For Free Text and Code Input questions, you can now use AI to help you determine whether candidates used a language processing tool to write their response and to evaluate how well they addressed the question.

Find both features in candidate profiles under their responses to a free text or coding question in a skills test.

Detect AI

Detect how likely is that the response was generated using a language processing tool like ChatGPT on a scale of 0% to 100%. The result will be added to the notes for this answer.

  • Please keep in mind that this feature is not 100% fool-proof. It is intended to give you a pointer that the answer might be written with the help of AI. The level of accuracy also varies based on the length of the answer - the longer the answer is, the better it is at detecting whether AI was used.

Note: We have more anti-cheating measures you can learn more about here.

Auto-grade with AI

Evaluate the candidate's response from 0% to 100%. The result will be added to the notes for this answer.

Both AI features are available on the Premium and Business plans.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support via chat or email.

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