Candidate attachments

Enable candidates to add their resume, cover letter, portfolio or other file type after they complete your test or add your own attachments.

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Enable file attachments for individual jobs on the 'Job settings' page or add your own attachment type.

File types and restrictions

Each file is limited to a maximum size of 15 MB.

Every candidate profile can contain up to 10 attachments from both the hiring manager and the candidate.

The following file types are allowed:


Enabling file attachments for candidates

To enable file attachments for candidates open the job and navigate to Job settings โ†’ General and tick the box under Attachments.

There are 3 default attachment types that you can enable:

  • Resume / CV

  • Cover letter

  • Portfolio

  • Add more options*

*You can add up to 3 more upload types, so candidates can upload up to 6 files with their application after they have completed their test.

Viewing candidate attachments or adding your own

Open the candidate's test results to view the attachments in the header section. Here you can also upload your own attachments.

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to our support via chat or email.

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