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Edit your profile, invite more team members, subscribe to a paid plan and more

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In account settings, you can do various things related to your workspace. You can access these settings by clicking on the gear icon on the left side of the screen.

My Profile

Under profile settings, you can change your name, email, password, export profile data, and delete your profile.


Here you can change your workspace name, add a logo, add a workspace, delete your workspace, and invite more team members to your workspace.

Add Workspace

In case you're working with several clients, you can also create more than 1 workspace under your account. By clicking '+ Add workspace' you'll just need to name your new workspace and it will be created. For every added workspace you can have different users, separate subscriptions, etc.

Note that you can't add already existing workspaces under your account.

Workspace team

To invite team members to your workspace, click '+ Add member' β†’ enter the team member's email β†’ choose their role β†’ save.

  • Owner
    The user who created the workspace can do everything in the workspace.

  • Admin
    Users can do everything except edit billing and workspace information, export information about other users, and give owners rights.

  • Manager
    Users can only export candidates and see results.

Plans and Billing

On a billing page, you can subscribe, update your payment method, change your plan, cancel your subscription and download your invoices.

Email Templates

Under the email templates setting, you can create, edit, archive, and delete email templates to use throughout the system.


On the integrations page, you can integrate with:

  • ATS systems like Greenhouse or Workable
    By connecting your Toggl Hire account with any of the ATS, you will be able to automatically add new candidates who apply through Toggl Hire to your ATS.

Note that to integrate specific skills test into your ATS, you need to integrate them in your job settings.

  • Slack
    By integrating with Slack you will receive a message every time you'll have a new test taker.

  • Zapier
    Connecting Toggl Hire with Zapier will let you send candidate profiles to many other services supported by Zapier.


  • API key
    Toggl Hire API key lets you export candidate data for custom integrations or analytics

Have any further questions? Feel free to reach out to our support via chat or email.

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