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How are candidates unlocked?
How are candidates unlocked?

What happens when you reach the candidate limit, adding additional candidates, and how we calculate the total number of candidates.

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As outlined on our pricing page, the Free, Basic and Premium plans come with a number of candidates that are unlocked automatically. The automatically unlocked candidates are the first ones you receive, there is not a way to choose which of the candidates in your workspace to unlock.

The number of candidates on all our plans is capped per year, and even if a candidate is archived or deleted, once they were active in your account, it counts towards the limit.

In case you'd like to unlock more candidates, you can upgrade to a higher pricing plan from Settings -> Plans and Billing in your workspace.

If you subscribed before November 2023:

In case you'd like to unlock additional candidates, you can purchase them from "Plans and Billing" in your account. If you do that, you can then choose which of the locked candidates in your account to be able to view.


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