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Getting started with Toggl Hire
How to get started with Toggl Hire
How to get started with Toggl Hire

Follow these easy steps to get started and find great talent

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The 6 steps to getting started with Toggl Hire

Step 1: Choose a smart test template from the Test Library

Smart Tests are dynamic skills tests that you can set up in just two clicks. All you need is the job role that you're hiring for.

Creating a Test

From your dashboard, select "New job" to see the pre-made smart test templates or to create a custom test.

Use the search bar to search for the template you need or browse through all of the available templates by job role. The template card will show you the primary skills that candidates will be tested on for that template. To select the template, hover over the template and click on "Create Test".

Review the pre-determined skills and settings

When you select a job template; the number of questions, test time limit, skills being tested, and test difficulty will display. Review this information and if any changes are needed, generate the test first and then make any necessary changes.

Congrats! You've created a Smart Test.

❗Don't find the role you need? You can create your own custom test

Step 2: Review and personalize allowable settings

Once your test is created, it's a good practice to review the job settings and skills test settings to ensure that your test is set up to suit your needs.

To review the job settings, click on your test and then on job settings. If changes are made be sure to click on "Save changes" at the bottom of the screen.

Next, review the skills test settings. To do so, remain on the Job settings tab, and under the Tests section, click on edit.

Here you will be able to modify:

  • The test settings for this particular test

  • The test questions

  • The landing page for the test

  • The test results page

Under the "Test questions" tab, you will see the skills that are being tested on the left alongside the number of questions that are on the test for that skill. You can remove add/remove a skill, or increase/decrease the number of questions for the skill.

If you'd like more flexibility with your test, you can convert it to a custom test by clicking on the "Turn into custom test" button.

Step 3: Set up your Hiring Pipeline

Customize your hiring pipeline to suit your hiring process.

To help you get started, when a job is created, a standard hiring pipeline will default. If a step is not needed, you can delete or rename it by clicking on the menu dots for the step. Additionally, you can add your own steps by clicking on "Add Step" on the far right of the pipeline.

Each step in your pipeline can have a test attached to it or simply be used as a placeholder to keep your candidates organized. Though you are able to create many steps in your pipeline, you can only have a total of 5 tests (Business plan users are unlimited).

You can drag and drop the pipeline steps to match the order of your hiring process.

Adding a test to your pipeline

To add a test to a pipeline step, click on “Create Test” under the step name. Choose a ready-made test from our test library or create a custom test.

Modifying tests from the pipeline

Once a test is added to a step, you can modify it by clicking on the test under the step name.

Step 4: Try out the test yourself to ensure everything looks good

Trying out the test yourself allows you to ensure that the test and its settings are set up to your needs and if you're new to Toggl Hire, you get to see what your candidates will experience.

To try out your test, simply navigate to your dashboard and click on the "Try the test yourself" button for your job.

This button will change as you use the platform; however, you can always click on the menu dots to try the test at any time.

Step 5: Invite Candidates

Well done! If you've gotten to this step, it's because you've created a test and are happy with it. Now it's time to invite candidates.

To share your test with candidates, from the dashboard, click on the menu dots for the test, and then on "Invite test takers" or from within the test, by clicking on the "Invite candidates" button at the top-right of the screen.

From the pop-up, select the test that you want the candidate to take and copy the link so that you may post it on:

  • Your careers page

  • On your job posts

  • On social media

  • In an email

  • Anywhere else!

Additionally, if you already have candidates in your pipeline and know their emails, you can send them the test directly through Toggl Hire. You can either enter the candidate's email addresses one by one or upload a list (CSV file) of candidate emails to the system for bulk emailing.

Step 6: Filter your candidates to spot great ones

Viewing Candidates

You're so close to finding your next hire! To review the candidates that have taken your test, from your dashboard, click on the Job Title of the test you want to see candidates for. You will be taken directly to the Candidate Pipeline which gives you a Kanban board view of your hiring process steps. Here you'll see all candidates who have taken your test and in which step of your hiring pipeline they are in allowing you to easily manage them by dragging and dropping them to different steps.

Filtering the candidates in the pipeline

If you're looking for a particular candidate, you can search for them by name or email. Or you can filter across your entire hiring pipeline by:

  • Score

  • A specific tag(s)

  • Number of star rating(s)

  • Candidates that have notes

  • First column only - typically, the first step in your pipeline is the initial assessment for the job posting making this step important for determining who will move on to the next steps. Checking this box and adding other filters, will only filter the first column/step in your pipeline. All other steps will not be filtered.

Viewing full test results and contact information

To dive deeper into the candidate and their test results, click on their candidate card to open their full results.

Feel free to search our Support Center for more details and if you still have questions, reach out to our support via chat or email.

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