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Dashboard Active Jobs List
Dashboard Active Jobs List

See a brief overview of where candidates are within your pipeline

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Easily see how your hiring is progressing for a job with the new dashboard list.

Each step that is added to a job's hiring pipeline will be shown beside the job name which will include the number of candidates in the step alongside the number of candidates that have been added to the step in the last 7 days.

You can bookmark jobs to always have them appear at the top of the list regardless of how you decide to sort your active jobs list.

Lastly, you can easily access the menu icon for efficient job shortcuts.

On the navigation section to the left, you will also see, "Jobs." The jobs section will allow you to easily navigate between jobs that are important to you.

A max of 5 jobs will be displayed. Any bookmarked jobs will be prioritized first and then the most recently created ones in descending order. The โž• symbol will open the Test Library where you can create a new test.

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