Other than the three different authentication methods using social log-in (LinkedIn, GitHub, and/or Facebook), there is also the option to send email invitations.

When this option is enabled, you will need to share the test with the candidate using the email feature within Toggl Hire. The candidate will receive an email inviting them to take the test. The email will contain a unique link to the test that is registered to that email address which will allow them to take the test without the need to use a social login.

How to send email invitations

  • Enable the feature in the landing page settings for the test you'd like to share

  • Navigate to the 'Share test'

  • Click on 'Invite test takers'

  • Add your candidate(s) email address and if necessary, modify the message. If you modify the message, please do not remove [InviteLink] as this will remove the link from the email

    • tip: save it as a template for future use

Have any further questions? Feel free to reach us to our support via chat or email.

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