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What is Toggl Hire?

Here's a quick overview of what Toggl Hire is and how it simplifies hiring.

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Toggl Hire is a pre-employment assessment tool that uses tests to screen candidates based on actual ability. It helps you reduce time to hire by over 80%, have fewer but more valuable interviews, and master your hiring process with personalized analytics.

The tool replaces resumes with short and objective tests that help you attract more candidates and screen their skills and job fit before conducting any interviews. This makes finding the best candidates faster, simpler, and more objective, because:

It removes human bias - Resume-based pre-selection is often based on the recruiter’s perception of how the applicant presents themselves. This means it’s easy for bias to creep in, with candidates who are similar to the interviewer often selected. Toggl Hire Tests remove the bias from that first step, as tests are taken before applicants’ personal details are known.

It focuses on skills - Using tests means that candidates are assessed on their skills for the job rather than how well they can sell themselves on a resume. This means you’re more likely to end up with someone suited to the role.

It saves time and money - Screening candidates’ basic skills and job fit as the first step of the hiring process helps you weed out unsuitable candidates right away. This ultimately speeds up your whole hiring process, as you can be confident that you’ve invited the most talented people to interviews.

Choose the plan that best suits you. For a detailed comparison of all the features offered between our plans, please visit our Pricing Page.

Who is Toggl Hire for?

Toggl Hire is for anyone who is hiring tech, marketing, sales, or support talent - from recruiters to hiring managers, to team leads hiring for the first time. Teams around the world trust Toggl Hire to help them find their next superstar. The best part? There's no learning curve like you get with some software - Toggl Hire is so simple, your grandma could use it.

Create a Smart Test in 2 clicks: Simply select the job role you're hiring for, and then click 'generate' to automatically get a bespoke test for every candidate that applies later!

Database of 17,000+ original, quality-checked questions: Our tests are generated by pulling questions in the relevant skills for your job role from our database. Questions are created and quality-checked by industry experts. We are continually adding to our database.

Automatically generate a unique Smart Test for every candidate: No two candidates take the same test. Yes, they're tested for the same skills, and the tests are of comparable difficulty, but the combination of questions will vary every time.

90+% candidate satisfaction rating: 90% of candidates that go through the Toggl Hire process say they loved it, even if they didn't end up getting the job. Now that'll work wonders for your employer branding - just think of the Glassdoor reviews!

Beautifully simple user interface: A self-explanatory design that guides you through everything you need to know and do so you can start using Toggl Hire with confidence from day 1.

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