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Choosing test difficult levels
Choosing test difficult levels
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What are the use cases for Standard and Hard questions?

Our test library has over 17,000+ questions that are all marked based on their difficulty. This will help you create better tests based on the seniority of the roles you're hiring for.

Use Standard difficulty for Representative and Manager roles and Hard for more Senior roles.

⚠️ Please note that the choice of hard questions is limited compared to Standard questions. You might not have hard questions available for all skills. We're working on adding more Hard questions every week but if you need the widest choice of Skills and Questions, please choose Standard as the difficulty level. 

This applies for both Templates and Custom tests.

Creating a test from a Template

Once you click on the template that you would like to generate a test for, the pop-up will allow you to select the difficulty level for this test. The difficulty level for smart tests can always be changed in the test settings.

Creating a Custom test

When adding test questions from the test library, select the skill you would like to generate a question for and then select its difficulty level.

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