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Candidate Feedback
Candidate Feedback

Gain insight into you candidate experience using Toggl Hire tests.

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Candidate feedback reports give you a global overview of your candidate experience.

To access Candidate Feedback open your test and navigate to 'Statistics' โ†’

'Candidate Feedback'.

Candidate experience

Candidates will be asked whether they had a good or bad experience after they submit the test. In this report, you'll see the ratio between good and bad experiences your test takers had.

What they liked the most

This report shows you what candidates liked the most about the experience. The choices are:

  • Test questions

  • Overall look and feel

  • Getting instant feedback

  • That test is preferred over a resume

  • Other


In feedback, you'll see the written feedback from your candidates to your test. This is a good place to gain more insight into what they think about the test and experience.

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