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Greenhouse integration
Greenhouse integration

Send candidates who apply through Toggl Hire to your Greenhouse jobs.

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By connecting your Toggl Hire test to your Greenhouse account you gain the ability to automatically add new candidates who apply through Toggl Hire to your Greenhouse jobs, including their contact info and test answers. Top candidates who pass the test are imported after they fill out their contact info after taking the test.

What information do we send to Greenhouse?

  • Name

  • Email

  • LinkedIn profile (if provided)

  • Score (as a note)

  • Candidate profile (as PDF)

⚠️ Note that if a candidate is in Greenhouse prior to taking a test, 
we're unable to send any information on their test performance to

To integrate with Greenhouse:

  • Go to "Job settings' and scroll down to 'Integrations'

  • Click on "Get started" for the Greenhouse integration

  • Complete the authorization process

Once integrated, you will be able to connect your Toggl Hire and Greenhouse jobs to receive candidates in Greenhouse.

You will find detailed instructions on how to set up the integration in Greenhouse here.

Note: In Greenhouse, Toggl Hire is still represented with our previous brand - Hundred5.

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