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Gain insight into your test performance

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Statistics reports give you a global overview of your test's performance.

Here, you can reference performance data on;

  • Visitors
    Count of unique visitors to your skills test's application page.

  • Applicants
    Count of all visitors that applied for your skills test via the chosen authentication method.

  • Completion
    Percentage of Applicants that have completed the test.

  • Candidates over threshold
    Count of applicants that passed your test β€” determined by the score threshold set in your skills test's settings. In case the passing percentage is not set, this number will be the same as your applicant's number.

  • Average time spent
    Average of the total time taken to complete the test by all applicants that have finished the test.

  • Average score
    Average score of all applicants that have finished your skills test.


The Sources report will show you the performance breakdown of your test's sourcing channels. Here you can determine which channels are bringing you the most applicants β€” determined by the following formula;

Total applicants count Γ· Total unique visitor count per channel = Source Conversion rate %

With this insight, you can then optimise your sourcing efforts for current and future skills tests.

Don't have enough candidates applying? Check out our Sourcing Sheet for more inspiration on where to share your test link.

Question performance

The questions performance report will show you the performance breakdown of your test questions. Here you can see which of your questions may be too easy or difficult.

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