The Toggl Hire story

The story how Toggl Hire was born.

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Toggl Hire is built by the team behind the time tracking tool Toggl Track.

For years, we used traditional hiring methods, screening candidates based on resumés and LinkedIn profiles. When we went remote in 2013 and our applicant numbers jumped to 2000+ per position these standard hiring methods turned out to be extremely time-consuming and inefficient. How do you shortlist 20 candidates for interviews from 2000 resumes?!

We found candidates who applied for our jobs were often under-qualified, and it was difficult for us to stand out from other companies on job boards competing for top talent.

So instead of struggling, we decided to ditch traditional hiring practices and reinvent recruiting.

Fast-forward a few years - we proudly present Toggl Hire - a pre-employment testing tool for modern hiring teams. No complicated application process. No resumes. No hiring bias. Simply set up a quick test to see which candidates have what it takes to get the job done, and let Toggl Hire shortlist the best candidates for you based on test scores. Data-driven recruitment that cuts your time to hire by over 80% and gets you the best person for the job, every time.

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