Yes, you can add more than 12 questions to your Smart and Custom Test.

How to add more questions to a Smart Test?

Open up your test and navigate to Settings > Test settings. The number of auto-generated questions defaults to 10, but you can change that by dragging the bar to the number of questions you'd like; up to a maximum of 20.

⚠️ Each smart test template defaults to 12 questions; 10 auto-generated questions plus 2 free text questions. This setting only pertains to the auto-generated questions.

How to add more questions to Custom Skills Test?

To add more questions to your Custom Skills Test open up your test and navigate to Settings > Test questions. Determine what type of question you would like to add; smart skill, static, free text, or coding question and start adding the questions you'd like. Learn more about the different question types and adding custom questions here.

⚠️ When adding questions, we also suggest you review the time limit. 
For the smart test, if you've left it on "Auto" it will change
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