Absolutely. The option to create a test with custom questions will become available once you have created at least one test using the standard flow of using the templates and skills we have available - just to get you acquainted with the options available for you.

P.S. you don't need to use the test you create to unlock custom test creation feature.

You can create a test with your own custom questions by clicking on 'Create a custom test' in your dashboard. This will open up a test builder where you can see an option to create test with custom questions on the bottom left corner.

Click on "Add question" to start adding your own questions. You can choose between 6 question types to create your questions.

👉 You can always add questions from our Test Library to your custom test by adding them one-by-one from 'Add questions'toolbar.

Question types

  • Free Text Questions
    Free Text questions are meant for open-ended questions. These are good for checking candidates' soft skills such as writing or problem-solving skills.

  • Single Choice Questions
    Single Choice Questions are meant for close-ended questions with a single correct answer.

  • Multiple Choice Questions
    Multiple Choice Questions are meant for close-ended questions with several possible correct answers. This is good for creating complex questions to test specific knowledge.

  • Picture Choice Questions
    Picture Choice Questions are meant for close-ended questions with pictures as a choice of answers instead of text. This is good for making tests more engaging by breaking the pace of text-based questions with some visual

  • Numeric Input Questions
    Numeric Input Questions are meant for numerical answers. This is good for maths tasks, or logic questions.

  • Code Input Questions
    Code Input Questions are meant for getting a piece of code as an answer for any given task. This is good for programming problems (write a function to reverse a string), coding questions (write CSS for a pop-up with an arrow), or refactoring tasks.

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