Creating your test is the first and most important step towards screening candidates. And we have made the creation part quick and easy – with 55+ skills that are matched with 2,000+ ready-made questions, provided by industry experts.

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What is Skills Test?

Skills Test is a static competence test where all the questions remain the same for every candidate.

Here's a quick overview of the steps in creating your Skills test using our test engine:

  1. Click Add Skills Test
  2. Name your job title
  3. Select the specific skills you wish to test candidates on
  4. Generate test

You can edit all your questions* under Test Settings > Test Questions

*Note that on a Free plan you have only a limited access to our Question Library. Each workspace is limited to 5 questions per skill. The questions are selected randomly, and are different for each workspace.

Your Skills Test is now ready for review and further customisation, if necessary. If you're happy with the screening test composition, then you can jump straight to the next step — customizing the Landing Page for your test.

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