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What is the difference between a Smart Test (Templates) and a Custom Skills Test?
What is the difference between a Smart Test (Templates) and a Custom Skills Test?

If you're not sure which test to create.

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When it comes to test creation, users have two options.

  1. Manually build a test by selecting skills and questions yourself - this is a Custom Skills Test

  2. Auto-generate a dynamic test in 2 clicks based on job role from the test library - this is a Smart Test

Skills Tests are built by selecting skills you want to test for - they can be in any combination. The test is static, so will be the same for every candidate. You can review each question individually and, add, edit, or 'refresh' for a new question from our database.

Smart Tests are built by selecting the job role you're hiring for. Our software will then auto-generate a test for you from the skills most relevant to that job role based on the job role template, or based on your skill selection. The test is dynamic, so each candidate will have a different set of questions, but the difficulty level remains the same.

Benefits of the Smart Test:

  • 2-click test creation

  • Mitigate cheating and questions leaks with dynamic tests

  • Anyone can set up a Smart Test - no need for specialist knowledge in the subject since the system generates the questions based on the (pre)selected skills. suggests the relevant skills for you. Ideal for HR managers and recruiters hiring for a big variety of roles, or technical people hiring for non-technical roles.

  • Less than 60 seconds from sign-up to test creation (seriously, we timed it!)

  • Continuously expanding and improving question bank, low performing questions are being removed on a regular basis based on several criteria.

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