By connecting your Toggl Hire tests to your Workable account you gain the ability to automatically add new candidates who apply through Toggl Hire to your Workable jobs, including their contact info and test answers. Top candidates who pass the test are imported after they fill out their contact info after taking the test.

⚠️ Note that if you haven't set a passing percentage to your test, all candidates no matter the test score, are sent to Workable.

To integrate with Workable:

  • Open your test and navigate to Settings -> Integrations

  • Under 'Add ATS integrations', click on Workable

  • Complete the authorization process

Once integrated, you will be able to connect your Toggl Hire and Workable jobs to receive candidates in Workable.

Frequently asked questions

If I set a passing percentage will only candidates above the threshold be sent to Workable?

If you set a passing percentage to your test, only candidates above the threshold are sent to Workable.

What happens if a candidate who is already in Workable takes Toggl Hire test?

If you have the integration in place, it will add the Toggl Hire score, link to the profile, and a PDF with their results in their Workable profile.

The integration will not overwrite anything in Workable (e.g. if they have a resume, it will not replace it with our PDF)

Note that the integration uses email as an identifier.

If the candidate uses the same email for applying through Workable and for taking Toggl Hire test, the information from Toggl Hire is added under their Workable profile. But if the candidate uses different emails for applying through Workable and taking Toggl Hire test, the candidate is perceived as two different people by the system.

Are candidates, who applied prior to the integration, sent to Workable?

Yes, once you set up the integration and link the Toggl Hire job with Workable, all the candidates who have taken your test will be sent to Workable.

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